Near West Intergenerational School

nwis-buildingWelcome to Near West Intergenerational School!

The Near West Intergenerational School opened in 2011 and is located in the heart of Ohio City in the Kentucky School Building next door to Garrett Morgan High School in Cleveland. NWIS is highly rated by the Ohio Department of Education.

The Near West Intergenerational School is a public school, with no tuition, and open to all residents of Ohio. The Near West Intergenerational School is our second Intergenerational School campus in Cleveland, and our first West side campus. Both Intergenerational Schools are driven by two concepts:

  • Knowledge is socially acquired.
  • Learning is a lifelong process.

Vision: The Near West Intergenerational School will create an environment that empowers learners of all ages, encourage awareness of and involvement in the social and physical fabric of our Near West side neighborhoods, and contribute to the sustainability of our local economy and communities.

Mission: The Near West Intergenerational School connects, creates, and guides a multigenerational community of lifelong learners and engaged citizens.


Founders’ Statement: Opening a school on the near west side of Cleveland was initiated by a group of neighborhood parents who desired a school rooted in and reflective of the physical and social fabric of the local community it serves. These founding parents worked with the founders of The Intergenerational School to together open the Near West Intergenerational School. NWIS is established to provide quality, free, and accessible education to all children, with the intention of serving extensively, but not exclusively, the local children and families of the near west side of Cleveland. NWIS is also created to serve as a cornerstone for continued community development, economic and neighborhood stability, and a gathering place for lifelong learners. NWIS will encourage family and broader community involvement and connectivity and reflect a culture of awareness and appreciation for the rich and diverse neighborhoods in which we live.

Location and Directions to Near West Intergenerational School – West Side Campus